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Thursday 1st October 2015
Article by Suzanne Trask - A partner and head of the clinical negligence department at Bolt Burdon Kemp
Monday 4th February 2013
World Cancer Day focused on dispelling myths and misconceptions about Cancer.
Monday 28th January 2013
The Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro has been given 250,000 by the National Institute of Health Research to begin mastectomy drug trials. These will be carried out on 160 women from Cornwall and Devon and hopes to reduce the amount of time it takes for them to recover
Wednesday 9th January 2013
Cutting down on alcohol not only helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it also significantly reduces the risk of getting cancer. However, according to Kate Mendoza, Head of Health Information at the World Cancer Research Fund, a recent survey shows many people are totally unaware of the risks associated with excess alcohol consumption.
Thursday 20th December 2012
UK Medical Experts have predicted that mens cancer rates are set to increase to 50 in 100 instead of their previous rates of 44 in 100. Ironically, the blame for these rising figures is due to people living longer.
Thursday 29th November 2012
The Cancer Genome Atlas, supported by NIH, finds shared genomic features that could aid treatments.
Wednesday 28th November 2012
Mammograms have entered a new dimension, literally. Women are now being offered a 3-D technology technology that costs more and involves more radiation but may provide a better look.
Wednesday 28th November 2012
In the face of mounting evidence that cancer cells communicate, co-operate and even engage in collective decision-making, biophysicists and cancer researchers at Rice University, Tel Aviv University and John Hopkins University are suggesting a new strategy for outsmarting cancer through its own social intelligence.
Friday 23rd November 2012
Cancer metastasis, the escape and spread of primary tumour cells, is a common cause of cancer-related deaths.
Wednesday 21st November 2012
The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS), Association of Breast Surgery (ABS) and Breast Cancer Care have today launched new breast reconstruction guidelines.
Thursday 18th October 2012
A cancer-killing antibody that can be activated by a magnetic field has been developed by scientists in Korea.
Thursday 18th October 2012
Cancer metastasis, the escape and spread of primary tumour cells, is a common cause of cancer-related deaths.