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The C21 Partners are the industry experts working alongside us to revolutionise the way we think about cancer in the 21st Century.

C21 Partners all support the need for an increase in the dissemination of accurate, authoritative, positively-presented information relating to every aspect of cancer. They are not only helping to provide a leading source of information, but are also helping to create a platform for opinion and debate in a field of medicine which affects millions of people and which cannot afford to be misunderstood or misrepresented. Our Partners are all dedicated to providing the best possible information and care that helps to remove the fears and taboos associated with cancer and everything it entails. Their knowledge, experience and expertise not only help to create the magazine, but their editorial content offers readers an insight into what’s possible, promoting a positive outlook for all involved.

As a C21 Partner you will:

  • Receive up to 60 free copies of the magazine
  • Be listed within the magazine and on our website including a brief description of the services you are able to offer
  • Have priority regarding your editorial input within the magazine

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